Rotorua Boys High School

Rotorua Boys High School (RBHS) approached us following the work we did for Rotorua Girls’ High School.  Their needs were slightly different. Their roll was declining but they didn’t know why. 

We implemented a research project to find out what the perception of the school was amongst non-RBHS parents and students compared to that of RBHS students.

We conducted telephone and face to face interviews asking parents and students the same set of questions.  

One of the most interesting things to come from the research was that the external perception of the school was quite different from the experience of boys attending RBHS. Almost all of the RBHS students said at Intermediate school they’d heard RBHS had a bullying problem and that it wasn’t overly strong academically.  However, when they moved to high school they were amazed that they had less problems with bullying than at intermediate school and were hearing from friends at other schools of the problems there.

Amazing how a school known for its sporting achievements becomes perceived to have a macho or bullying culture.

Following the research we presented a report to the RBHS board on the results, providing analysis and recommendations of how to combat the external negative perceptions of the school.    The report also provided a benchmark for the school to test the perception in the future.

A very interesting project for us and something we’re now doing for a number of clients – what you think about yourself is not necessarily what your stakeholders think of you!