Rotorua Girls High School

Rotorua Girls High School was the first to approach us.  They had a pretty clear understanding of the negative perception the community had of the school and wanted our help to turn this around. 

Some bad press and a feeling that accelerate students weren’t focussed on, had seen the perception grow that Rotorua Girls’ High School was not as strong academically as other schools.  Co-education schools were also increasing in popularity, contributing to the roll decline and people felt that the school focussed too much on development for Maori girls.

The obvious first step for us was to create a new logo and brand for the school.  This needed to portray the emphasis on every girl being important regardless of her skill set or background. ‘Every Girl Counts’ was born. 

One of the key problems that became clear to us was that the fantastic academic results were being lost in a text-heavy mass of information.  We created a new school prospectus booklet that was simple, clear and only included key information. It highlighted impressive academic, sporting and cultural results. 

As a side to managing the communications campaign, we provided guidelines for the school on how to communicate more effectively, to ensure people outside of the school knew of its key achievements and support it provided for all girls.