Shaping Whakatane

The marketing and consultation campaign for the District Plan Review was one key communications projects we managed for the council.   Whakatane’s District Plan outlines policies and guidelines on how land can be developed in the district.  An important part of the review process is to consult with the community and key stakeholders to ensure they have input into the plan’s rules.

Part of our communications strategy for the district plan review was to create a brand for the project – Shaping Whakatane: Building a Sustainable Future.  This symbolised the Council and community working together to create a district plan to guide sustainable development.  Underneath the umbrella brand sat two sub-brands, Sustainable Environment and Sustainable Communities.  Each brand represented key components of the district plan; how to preserve and create a sustainable environment and how to manage development to meet the community’s needs and desires.

Making council information seem interesting is often a challenge. To put the information into a practical context, a list of common customer service questions were used to form the campaigns key messages promoted via fact sheets, newspaper and radio advertising, and posters. This helped the community understand the purpose of the district plan and how it’s relevant to them.