Emerald Hotel

The Emerald Hotel Manager George Kenton wanted to refresh the hotel’s brand to be more contemporary, show it belonged in the Gisborne landscape and to bring it more in line with new technology.

He also wanted to ensure the Emerald was not seen as a “luxury” hotel, he wanted it to be perceived as more middle of the road.

In developing the new logo concepts we looked at a number of key factors such as the surrounding landscape, the image he wanted to portray and how we could make the design more contemporary. We agreed the current logo was not going to work in any shape or form and we needed to start again. The logo we developed and subsequently rolled out was based on the Nikau palm – the accompanying story was that the branding starts at the other end of the city precinct and leads right to the door of the Emerald Hotel – as this is how far the Nikau Palms stretch.

George has had fantastic feedback on his brand which was launched at a Business After Five event held at the Emerald Hotel – more than 100 people turned up. Marketing collateral for the Emerald included a website, new signage, business cards, pads and pens, advertising, photography, name badges, letterhead, e-newsletter, table talkers and a conference pack. We continue to work with George and Jana and the team to complete their branding requirements and are happy to act as their advisors on all matters relating to their image and profile in the community.