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Fundraising Publications – Feast Cookbook

The SunnyDay Trust is the fundraising arm of the Sunshine Service. It operates a fleet of vans that provide free bus transport for the elderly and disabled, ensuring that they are mobile, well engaged members of the community.

They approached ExpressPR with a problem. How do we raise $100,000 for a desperately needed new van?

Our answer – develop a high profile project that has the potential to raise that kind of money – naturally we had something in mind. However, and just as importantly, we wanted to create an opportunity to build the profile of the organisation, making subsequent funding easier to find – with us it’s always about the long game.

Enter – Feast.

A six month project was planned starting with clearly defining how the book would look and feel. We all agreed that this book had to be something special – a true expression of our region – its culture, its cuisine and its people.

From there we launched a community recipe search. Newspaper, radio, social media, website… we left no stone unturned in engaging the community, gathering all manner of family recipes.

From there the ExpressPR team chose, tested and photographed recipes, commissioned regional photography – creating a book that we hoped would meet the lofty goals we had set. All the while we engaged in a media campaign that kept the community up to date with progress on the book. Every release was both project and client focussed.

Feast was released on time and on budget to rave reviews. The book buying public loved it, selling more than 1,000 copies in the first few weeks and (locally) outselling other popular summer cookbooks. Feast has made its way around the world to many a homesick Gisborne-ite and has become a staple in tourist backpacks.

The project was also a finalist in the 2013 PRINZ awards.