Manurau owners Rodney Alexander and Joyce Lloyd have set up a backyard industry producing and selling quails eggs and quail meat products.

They wanted a brand that represented their name – Manurau which translates to mean “many birds”. Market research revealed that their target market was a high end “wannabe” set and the brand needed to appeal to them by being professional and classy. It also needed to represent an environmentally friendly/clean green approach.

With these three clear objectives the brand was developed – it is green, classy and shows all sorts of feathers which represent many birds. It also means if they want to expand their product offering at any stage they can, without compromising their brand. Manurau is now a regular at the prestigious Black Barn market and so it needed more marketing collateral including labels, flags, tablecloths, aprons, hats, business cards, a brochure and posters.

The brochure was designed to fulfil two needs - to showcase their number one selling product Quail Eggs, and to teach people how to use the product in a classy way that customers would take home and keep.

More recently we managed to get them featured in NZ Life and Leisure.

The Manurau project has been hugely satisfying and we enjoy a long and enduring relationship with them.