Rescue Helicopter Charity Auction 2012

Rescue Helicopter Charity Auction

We have managed this account now for a few years and it is one of our favourites as we always get such a great response. We feel privileged to work for this essential service.
We have raised a significant amount of money for the trust as well as increased the profile of the service considerably. We instigated a Friends campaign and signed up 465 new members in the first year. We have held two auctions, three golf  tournaments and slowly but surely built the profile of the trust and the rescue service to a new level.
The 2010 charity auction raised in excess of $50,000 and was a resounding success even though the economic climate has been wavering slightly. The total amount raised since our involvement with this auction is close to $300,000.

“A special mention must go to Dana and her team at ExpressPR. They have taken this event from a modest beginning to something that people clamber for tickets for. The tickets were sold out two weeks before the event and those who attended had nothing but positive feedback.”

Patrick Willock