Bay of Plenty Regional Council

ExpressPR has managed two community consultation campaigns for the Bay of Plenty Regional Council (formerly Environment Bay of Plenty).


The first was a campaign to gain feedback from the Rotorua community on a new bylaw to help reduce air pollution from open fires. 

Communications for implementing a clean air bylaw proved challenging as many people love their open fires and do not want to pay for a new heating device. The bylaw would also only be relevant to people living within a particular area in Rotorua. 

Careful consideration went into the communications strategy to understand who would be most affected by the bylaw, the obstacles that needed to be overcome and the best way to reach the target audience and gain feedback from them. 

Many households in the Rotorua Urban Airshed were tenanted, with the property owners living elsewhere. To ensure all property owners received communications, a brochure and submission form was sent with rates invoices. Information was targeted to tenants through a marketing campaign and an invitation to discuss the bylaw at open days.

The communications campaign proved very successful – a queue of people lining up to attend the open day says it all!


The Bay of Plenty Regional Council came to us with a challenge – get people interested in pest control and management. Not an easy task!

It was important to retain the council’s communications and brand guidelines. However, we needed to somehow make pests interesting. The result was a colourful submission brochure and advertising that highlighted how pest management is relevant to everyone. Our advertising headers focussed on things that people really care about, such as lake water quality and preserving native bird life. An image of gorse encroaching on a crystal blue lake really made an impact!