Gisborne District Council

Only a short walk and kayak from the ExpressPR office, the team at the Gisborne District Council are beavering away at what we think is a pretty tough job. Apart from keeping local residents like Kerry and Dana in line, they are in charge of the largest district land area in the North Island. This brings with it huge responsibility and a workload that can sometimes strain resources.

ExpressPR offers an effective and efficient communications solution to take some of that headache away. A wide range of services has been provided to various departments at the council including assistance with the Wastewater Treatment Plant Consultation Strategy, summarising and producing their Regional Land Transport and Public Transport Programme reports, creating a high level summary of the Regional Economic Development Strategy and designing department presentations, and managing team sessions.

Some departments at the council view us as an extension of their department and with great contract rates and ongoing meetings, we work well as part of their team – leaving them to get on with their important business while we take care of the stuff we know how to do.