Whakatane District Council

ExpressPR has been working with Whakatane District Council since 2003 when Dana worked with them on their annual plan consultation. We have subsequently completed two LTCCP projects with them and various other communications and consultation projects.

As part of working with Whakatane, ExpressPR completed an initial audit of the communications at the council in 2005 – benchmarking performance so it could be re-measured in a three year time frame. A communications strategy was produced to guide the council and as a result a communications manager was employed.

In 2008 the audit was repeated to measure progress and the council was provided with a measure of its performance against its three year benchmark. From this the council could see what steps it needed to take to maximise its return on investment, again a three-year communications strategy was devised.

We now provide ongoing communications support for the Whakatane District Council.  This ranges from everyday communications (media releases, writing council’s Byways newsletter and newspaper column) to specific project communications.