Eastland Rescue Helicopter

The Eastland Rescue Helicopter Trust is a key client for ExpressPR. We drop everything for these guys when they need us. We have worked closely with the trust for six years now – the fastest six years ever.

When we started, the helicopter had a low profile, flagging support and was treated with disdain by the media. We were tasked with raising the profile of the helicopter, so people understood the need for it, raising money and looking after all events, PR, media and marketing materials.

Since then we have lifted the helicopter's profile and raised over $100,000 per annum through a series of fundraising activities. We now receive constant unsolicited donations and bequests and have more than 800 “Friends” of the helicopter on our annual database.

In 2009 we developed a campaign to raise an additional $150,000 for the purchase, training and installation of night vision goggles for the helicopter. Our “Mission for Night Vision” campaign and auction raised $210,000 in total – helicopter trustees were blown away by the generosity and the profile we managed to create throughout the campaign.

We continue to work with the helicopter trust and most recently have managed to position the trust to gain significant ongoing funding from the Eastland Community Trust.