NZ Agri Marketing

Established in 2007, NZ Agri Marketing is the one stop shop for importing fresh New Zealand produce into Japan

They came to us with a problem that needed to be solved – how do we promote the company in Japan?

With a few quick looks around the room and a chuckle amongst ourselves it wasn’t long before we figured what the first task was – to source a translator. The process provided many firsts for us as a company, including producing a document in a foreign language, and we had a great time doing it. In just a few days we had learnt a lot about advertising in Japan and ironed out the logistical challenges with an international communication schedule and a detailed publication plan.

All members of our team had either lived on or are living on farms so the agricultural industry is never far from our thoughts. Promoting NZ Agri Marketing was a challenge we were all excited about and proud of the end product – an information brochure written in Japanese for the Japanese market. It is, and continues to be, a great selling resource in Japan and we look forward to producing the NZ Agri Marketing website in 2011.